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Department Sub Department
Nodal Officer Name and Designation Address
E-Mail Address


        (O) (R) (M)
Animal Husbandry 
  Animal Husbandry
(nod_ahus )
Sh. Kuldeep Singh, Supdt. Deptt. Of Animal Husbandry, U.T. Chandigarh
2700092    9815905971 
Central Nodal officer 
(jsccno )
CNO, CNO Central Nodal officer UT Secretariat Chandigarh
Central Treasury 
  Treasury UT
(nod_treas )
Sh. Rajiv Tiwari, Treasury Officer The Distt.Treasury Officer,Central Treasury, Near Prade Ground,Sector 17,Chd.
2702958    9878197007 
Chandigarh Housing Board 
  Chandigarh Housing Board
(nod_chb )
Computer Programmer, Computer Programmer Chandigarh Housing Board 8, jan Marg Sec-9-D chandigarh
4601821  2730993   
Chandigarh Industrial & Tourism Development Corporation 
(nod_citco )
Sh. Umang Bansal, LO cum Nodal Officer SCO 121-122, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh
2722290    9888455908 
(nod_coop )
Sh. Malkiat Singh, Inspector Grade-I(G),ARCS(Officiating) Co-Operative UT Govt. Press Bldg, Hall no. 1, Sector 18 Chandigarh
2700328    9872937555 
Deputy Commissioner Office 
  House Allotment Committee (HAC)
(nod_hac )
Sh. Ravinder Kumar, AEO Estate Office Sector 17 Chandigarh
2701900    9814736431 
  Registration and Licencing Authority
(nod_rla )
Geeta Sareen, RLO RLA, Sector 17 Chandigarh
2700076    9888046766 
  Sub Divisional Magistrate (C)
(nod_sdmc )
Smt. Santosh Joshi, Sr. Asstt. Estate Office Building Sector 17 Chandigarh
2700218  2770774  9888214611 
  Sub Divisional Magistrate (S)
(nod_sdms )
Smt. Renu Arora, Sr. Asstt. Near Hockey Stadium Sector 42, Chandigarh
2606009    9988818734 
  Sub Divisional Magistrate (E)
(nod_sdme )
Sh. Deepak Kainth, Supdt. Gr. II Near CTU, Indusrtial Area Phase -I, Chandigarh
2679010    8872200547 
  DC Office
(nod_dc )
Sh. Ravinder Singh, Sr. Asstt. Estate Office Building Sector 17 Chandigarh
2700218    9888153544 
Education Department 
  DPI Schools
(nod_dpis )
Smt. Urmil Gupta, Registrar Education(S), Registrar Education[S] O/o Registrar, DPI{C}, Addl,Delux Bldg. Sector 9, Chandigarh.
  DPI -Colleges
(nod_dpic )
Mr Arjun Dev, Registrar Education {C} O/o Registrar, DPI{C} Addl. Delux Bldg. Sector 9, Chandigarh
2740704    9417495869 
Election Department 
  Election Department
(nod_elect )
Sh. Devi Dita Malhotra, Naib Tehsildar (Election) Additional Town Hall Building IIIrd Floor Sector 17 C Chandigarh
2700322    9876061183 
Engineering Department 
  Assistant Controller (F&A) Rents
(nod_rent )
Sh. G. P. Shukla, Section Officer Rent Controller Chandigarh
  Engg.-Construction Circle-II
(nod_cc2 )
Sh. Yashpal Gupta, SE Construction Circle-II, Engg. Department Chandigarh
  Engg.-Electrical Circle
(nod_enhq )
SE, Electrical, SE Electrical Circle, Engg. Department Chandigarh
  Engg.-Electricity (OP) Circle
(nod_opc )
Er. Uma Kant Patel, AEE Electricity operation circle Chandigarh
  Engg.-Public Health Circle
(nod_enph )
Sh. Rajinder Singh Alhuwalia, Supdt. Engg, Project PH Circle Room no. 309 3rd floor, ut sectt. chandigarh
  Engg.-Construction Circle-I
(nod_cc1 )
Sh. C.B. Ojha, XEN Construction Circle-1, Engg. Department Chandigarh
Environment & Forests 
  Environment Department
(nod_env )
P S Dadhwal, Additional Director Addl.Town Hall Bldg.,2nd Floor, Sector 17C, Chandigarh
2705186  2656567  9855616338 
  Forest and Wildlife Department
Shri Pradeep Gulia, Range Forest Officer Old Architect Building, Madhya Marg, Sector 19-B Chandigarh
2700217    7087041948 
  Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee
(nod_cpcc )
Sujata Jaswal, O/o CPCC CPCC,Additional Town Hall Builing IInd Floor Sector-17 C Chandigarh
2721159    9915080576 
Estate Office 
  Estate Office
Ashwani Dhamija, Superintendent Estate office Building sector 17 Chandigarh
2700218    9501537766 
Excise & Taxation 
  Excise And Taxation
Sh. Ramesh Lal Chug, ETO Additional Town Hall Building Ist floor, Sector 17 C Chandigarh
Food & Civil Supplies  
  Food & Civil Supplies
(nod_food )
Sh. Navneet Kumar, Inspector deptt of food and supplies Chandigarh
Government Medical College & Hospital 
  Government Medical College & Hospital
(nod_gmch )
Sh. Anil Moudgil, Private Secretary Govt.Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32A, Chandigarh
2601023    9646023209 
Govt. college of art 
  Arts College
(nod_gca )
Mr. Pawan Kumar, Supdt. Gr II Govt. college for Arts Sector 10 Chandigarh
(nod_ayush )
Dr. Manjushree, Grievance Nodal Officer Dept. of AYUSH Sector 24 Chandigarh
  Health Department
(nod_gh )
Smt. Raman Bhalla, Supdt. MS Office Director Health and Family Welfare GH-16 Chandigarh
Home Department 
  Home Department
(nod_home1 )
Sh. Ashok Kumar, Supdt. Home Department Chandigarh
  Finance-I Branch(Urban Planning, EO, Housing Board, All Bye-laws under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulations) Act etc.)
(nod_fin1 )
Sh. Mohinder Singh(SAS), SO, SO Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
(nod_hosp )
Mr. Daniel Banerjee, Assistant Director U.T Guest House Sector 6 Chandigarh
2740965    9815525656 
Indian Red Cross Society 
  Indian Red Cross Society
(nod_red )
Mr. Satish Joshi, O/o IRCS Indian Red Cross Society Karuna sadan bldg,2nd Floor sector 11 B,Chandigarh.
2744188    9815197016 
  Village khadi and Industries Board
(nod_khadi )
Sh. Gurbachan Singh, Auditor UT Khadi & Village Industries Board Chandigarh
(nod_ind )
Mrs. Sudha Bhatia, Supdt. District Industries Centre U.T. Chandigarh
2679006    9914141083 
Information Technology 
  Information Technology
(nod_spic )
Nodal Officer, IT, Nodal Officer,IT 5th floor,Additional Deluxe Building Sector 9, Chandigarh
  Labour Department
(nod_lc )
Sh. swaran singh, Labour Inspector Grade-I Labour Department, Chandigarh Admn,Labour Welfare Centre Bldg, Sec -30B,Chandigarh, H.No. 213, Sector 8, Panchkula, Haryana.
2679000  2579988  9417143553 
Land Aquisition Branch 
  Land Acquisition Branch
(nod_lao )
Sh. Makhan Ram, Kanungo Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh
Law and Prosecution 
  Law Department
(nod_lr )
Law Officer, Law Officer Room.No.415,4th Floor, Deluxe Building.U.T, Secretariat,Sector -9, Chandigarh,H.No.1159,Sec-23-B,Chandigarh
Legal Services Authority 
  State Legal Services Authority
(nod_sla )
Rajeshwar Singh , Law Officer Addl. Delux Building, Ground Floor, Sector 9 Chandigarh
2742999    9417174320 
Municipal Corporation 
  Municipal Corporation
(nod_mcc )
Mr. Deepak Jain, OSD to Chief Engineer New Deluxe Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh
5021229    8437949017 
Museum & Art Gallery 
  Govt. Museum & Art Gallery
(nod_gm )
D.K. Gharvi, Govt. Museum and Art Gallery, Sector 10-C, Chandigarh.
2742501  2794638  9888902278 
  Police Department
Sh. Ashish Kapoor, Dy Superintendent of Police Police department sector 9 chandigarh
Printing & Stationery 
  Printing & Stationery
(nod_ps )
Smt. Hem Lata , Supdt. Printing and Stationary Department Sector 18 Chandigarh
2549429    9463183957 
Public Relations 
  Public Relation
(nod_dpr )
Ms. Swati Munjal, PRO Ground Floor, Sector 9 Chandigarh
Regional Employment Office 
  Regional Employment Exchange
(nod_reo )
Sh. Nain Singh Rathi, Sub Regional Employment Officer Regional Employment Exchange, U.T, Chandigarh H.No. 2061, Sec-27C, Chandigarh
2703997  2659861  9416304465 
Rural Development 
  Rural Development
(nod_bdpo )
Sh. Sunder Lal, O/o BDPO Old Architect Building, Sector 19-B, Chandigarh.
2775094    9417301877 
Science & Technology 
  Science & Technology
(nod_st )
Rakesh Kumar, Nodal Officer Paryavaran Bhavan, Sector 19 Chandigarh
2715053    8699003481 
Social Welfare 
  Social Welfare
(nod_sw )
Raman Kumar Sharma, Research Officer Town Hall Extension Building,3rd Floor, Sector-17C, Chd, V&PO Behlolpur, Near Chandigarh
2700062  2700062  9872640412 
  Sports Department
Sh. S. K. Joshi, District sports officer Sports Complex Sector -42, Chandigarh
2676035    9417351009 
State Transport Authority 
  State Transport Authority
(nod_sta )
Sh. Rajiv Tiwari, Addl. Secretary State Transport Authority, U.T.Chandigarh.
2679002    9878197007 
Technical Education 
  Technical Education
(nod_teduc )
Sh. Madan Lal Rana, Nodal Officer PEC Campus, Sector 12, Chandigarh
2657100    9417073157 
(nod_tour )
Vijay Kumar, Tourist Officer Additional Deluxe Building Ground Floor, Sector 9 Chandigarh
(nod_ctu )
Sh. V.S. Thakur, ACF&A Transport Chandigarh
Urban Planning 
  Urban Planning
(nod_ca )
Manvendra Pratap Singh, Planning Officer Deptt. of Urban planning Deluxe bldg Sector 9 chandigarh
2742004    7696976221 
Weights and Measures 
  Weights and Measures
Kamal Sareen, Inspector 39, Industrial Area Phase-II Chandigarh
2679348    9417363758 
Zila Parishad 
  Zila Parishad
(nod_zp )
Sh. Surjit Singh, Zila Parishad Chandigarh
2700350    9855444282 
Zila Sainik Welfare Office 
  Zila Sainik Welfare Office
(nod_zsw )
ZSWO, ZSWO Sainik Rest House Sector 21, Chandigarh
2701947  2749849