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Department Sub Department
Nodal Officer Name and Designation Address
E-Mail Address


        (O) (R) (M)
Animal Husbandry 
  Animal Husbandry
(nod_ahus )
Sh. Amanjot Singh,Research officer, Research Officer Deptt. Of Animal Husbandry, U.T. Chandigarh
2706827  5077224  9872090703 
Central Nodal officer 
(jsccno )
CNO, CNO Central Nodal officer UT Secretariat Chandigarh
Central Treasury 
  Treasury UT
(nod_treas )
Supdtt., Supdtt. The Distt.Treasury Officer,Central Treasury, Near Prade Ground,Sector 17,Chd. Vill.Matur, Sec 70, Mohali,Pb.
2702958  2221154   
Chandigarh Housing Board 
  Chandigarh Housing Board
(nod_chb )
Computer Programmer, Computer Programmer Chandigarh Housing Board 8, jan Marg Sec-9-D chandigarh
4601821  2730993   
Chandigarh Industrial & Tourism Development Corporation 
(nod_citco )
Sh. I.D. Kalra, General Manager (F&A) SCO 121-122, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh
2722290  2561260  9876144225 
Chandigarh Transport Undertaking 
  Chandigarh Transport Undertaking
(nod_ctu )
Assistant Divisional Manager (T&S), Assistant Divisional Manager (T&S) 701, Industrial Area, Phase-1, U.T, Chandigarh
2650313  2659830  9872635809 
(nod_coop )
Sh. Anil Kumar Sharma, O/o Co-Operative societies Co-Operative
2700328    9646046751 
Deputy Commissioner Office 
  Sub Divisional Magistrate (C)
(nod_sdmc )
Sh. Ramesh Chander Sharma, supdt O/o SDM (C) Estate Office Building Sector 17 Chandigarh
2700218  2770774  9888887277 
  Sub Divisional Magistrate (S)
(nod_sdms )
Sh. Pawan Kumar, O/o SDM(S) Near Hockey Stadium Sector 42, Chandigarh
  Sub Divisional Magistrate (E)
(nod_sdme )
Sh. Mohan Singh, Supdt. Near CTU, Indusrtial Area Phase -I, Chandigarh
2679010    9855702394 
  Registration and Licencing Authority
(nod_rla )
Geeta Sareen, RLO RLA, Sector 17 Chandigarh
2700076    9888046766 
  House Allotment Committee (HAC)
(nod_hac )
Sh. Ravinder Kumar, AEO Estate Office Sector 17 Chandigarh
2701900    9814736431 
  DC Office
(nod_dc )
Sh. Deepak Kainth, Supdt. Estate Office Building Sector 17 Chandigarh
2700218    8872200547 
District Courts 
  District Court
DSJ, DSJ District Courts Sector 17 Chandigarh
Education Department 
  DPI -Colleges
(nod_dpic )
Mr Arjun Dev, Registrar Education {C} O/o Registrar, DPI{C} Addl. Delux Bldg. Sector 9, Chandigarh
2740704    9417495869 
  DPI Schools
(nod_dpis )
Smt. Urmil Gupta, Registrar Education(S), Registrar Education[S] O/o Registrar, DPI{C}, Addl,Delux Bldg. Sector 9, Chandigarh.
Election Department 
  Election Department
(nod_elect )
Sh. Devi Dita Malhotra, Naib Tehsildar (Election) Additional Town Hall Building IIIrd Floor Sector 17 C Chandigarh
2700322    9876061183 
Engineering Department 
  Engineering Department
(nod_enhq )
Er. Subhash Chand Saini, Addl. supdt. Engg. Chief Engineer office, Sector 9 Chandigarh
  Public Health Circle
(nod_enph )
Sh. SC Sharma, Supdt. Engg, Project PH Circle Room no. 309 3rd floor, ut sectt. chandigarh
  Assistant Controller (F&A) Rents
(nod_rent )
Sh. Sushil Kumar Vaid, Assistant Controller F & A Rent Controller Chandigarh
  Electricity (OP) Circle
(nod_opc )
Er. Uma Kant Patel, Asstt. Exe. Engg-S-II Electricity operation circle Chandigarh
  Engineering B&R / Electrical
(nod_ce )
OSD to Chief Engineer, U.T, Chandigarh, OSD to Chief Engineer, U.T, Chandigarh O/o Chief Engineer,1st Floor U.T. Secretariat, Chandigarh
2742028  2545357  9815552600 
  C P Division V, Construction Circle I
(nod_encp5 )
Er. Jigna K Sanghadia, Exe. Engg EE CP div 5, deluxe bldg, near canteen Sector 9 Chandigarh
  Horticulture Division II, Construction Circle II
(nod_enhd2 )
Sh. Madan Pal, Executive engg. Horticulture div. 2 Chandigarh
  P H Division I, Public Health Circle
(nod_enph1 )
Sh. Rajesh Bansal, Exe. Engg, Project PH Div. 1 Ph div 1, GF UT Sectt. Bldg. Sector 89 Chandigarh
  P H Division III, Public Health Circle
(nod_enph3 )
Sh. A.K. Duggal, Exe. Engg, Project PH Div 3 5th floor, Addl. Deluxe bldg. Sector 9 Chandigarh
  P H Division VII, Public Health Circle
(nod_enph7 )
Sh. Amin Chand, Exe. Engg, Project PH Div 7 Opp Karuna Sadan, first floor, Sector 11B Chandigarh
  P H Division VIII, Public Health Circle
(nod_enph8 )
Sh. Tarlochan Singh, Exe. Engg, Project PH div 8 FF, Addl Deluxe Bldg. sector 9 Chandigarh
  Electricity 'OP' Division I, Electricity (OP) Circle
(nod_opd1 )
Er. S.C. Saini, Addl. Supdt. Engineer,div 1 Addl supdt. Engineer, division I,Sector 17 E chandigarh
  Electricity 'OP' Division II, Electricity (OP) Circle
(nod_opd2 )
Er. Anil Dhamija, Exe. Engg. Electricity OP div 2 Industrial area ph. I Chandigarh
  Electricity 'OP' Division III, Electricity (OP) Circle
(nod_opd3 )
Er. G.S. Mast, Exe. Engg. Electricity OP div 3 sector 19 Chandigarh
  Electricity 'OP' Division IV, Electricity (OP) Circle
(nod_opd4 )
Er. Deepak Bansal, Exe. Engg. Electricity OP div 4, Sector 34 Chandigarh
  XEN (W&E), Chief Engineer Office
(nod_enwe )
Er. Jagdish Ram, Exe. Engg.(W&E) Chief Engineer office, Sector 9 Chandigarh
Environment & Forests 
  Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee
(nod_cpcc )
Sujata Jaswal, O/o CPCC CPCC,Additional Town Hall Builing IInd Floor Sector-17 C Chandigarh
2721159    9915080576 
  Forest and Wildlife Department
Shri Satinder Singh, Sub Divisional Soil Conservation Officer Old Architect Building, Madhya Marg, Sector 19-B Chandigarh
2700217    9855668500 
  Environment Department
(nod_env )
P S Dadhwal, Additional Director Addl.Town Hall Bldg.,2nd Floor, Sector 17C, Chandigarh
2705186  2656567  9855616338 
Estate Office 
  Estate Office
Section Officer, Section Officer Estate office Building sector 17 Chandigarh
Excise & Taxation 
  Excise And Taxation
Deepinderdeep Singh, Database Administrator Additional Town Hall Building Ist floor, Sector 17 C Chandigarh
Fire Services 
  Fire Services
(nod_fire )
Fire Officer, Fire Officer Fire Services Sector 17 Chandigarh
Food & Civil Supplies  
  Food & Civil Supplies
(nod_food )
Sh. Ashok Kumar, Asstt. F&S Officer deptt of food and supplies Chandigarh
Government Medical College & Hospital 
  Government Medical College & Hospital
(nod_gmch )
Sh. Anil Moudgil, Private Secretary Govt.Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32A, Chandigarh
2601023    9646023209 
Govt. college of art 
  Arts College
(nod_gca )
Mr. Pawan Kumar, Supdt. Gr II Govt. college for Arts Sector 10 Chandigarh
  General Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh
(nod_ghfa )
Sh. Naresh Kumar Saini, Asstt. Controller (F&A) Asstt. Controller, (F&A) A/C BR GMSH Chandigarh
  Health Department
(nod_gh )
Sh. Madan Gopal, Supdt. (Admn.) Director Health and Family Welfare GH-16 Chandigarh
  Director Family Welfare
(nod_dfw )
DFWO, DFWO Family Welfare Department Polyclinic Sector 22 Chandigarh
2700928  2748800   
  Assistant Director Malaria
(nod_am )
Dr. Naresh Kumar, Incharge Malaria Wing 4th Floor Addtional Deluxe Building, Sector 9D Chandigarh
2743588  2565196  9417239421 
  Registrar Births & Deaths
(nod_birth )
Registrar, Registrar 30 Bays Bullding,Sector 17 Chandigarh
2780906  2781044   
  Project Director AIDS
(nod_paids )
Dr. Vanita Gupta, SMO Project Director (AIDS),Youth Hostel Sector 11 Chandigarh
  District Family Welfare Officer
(nod_dfw )
Dr. Soma Rani, SMO, SMO, Sector 22, chd District Family Welfare Officer Sector 22 Chandigarh
  Incharge Prog. Off. of concerned prog./soc./ESI Disp.
(nod_esi )
Sh. OM Prakash Thapar, Supdtt. MS Office O/O MS, GH-16 Chandigarh
  Local Health Auth. I
(nod_lha )
Dr. Satbir Singh, Sr. Medical Officer LHA-cum-NO GMSH sector 16 chandigarh
  Drugs Inspectors(a)
(nod_drug )
Sh. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary, Drug Control Officer Deptt. of Drug control,GMSH Sector 16 Chandigarh
  Planning Officer
(nod_plan )
Planning Officer, Planning Officer General Hospital Sector 16 Chandigarh
2768106  2640933   
  Principal School of Nursing
(nod_nurse )
Mrs. Amarjit Kaur, Principal College of Nursing Sector 16 Chandigarh
  District Immunization Offricer-CUM-Nodal Officer NRHM
(nod_nrhm )
Dr. Sangeeta , Nodal Officer,NRHM NRHM Sector 22 Chandigarh
Home Department 
  Matter relating to DC Office(Arms Act), District Foreigners Registration Office, Model Jail, Zila Sainik Welfare Board, Local Self Government, CTU, RLA and STA
(nod_hlg )
Sh. Surinder Singh, Supdt.(Local Govt.) Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  Home-II(State Commission/District Foras, Food and supplies,cooperation, etc.),Labour, Employment, Indusries,Printing and stationary and CITCO etc. Weight and Measures
(nod_home2 )
Smt. Saroj Beri, Supdt. Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  Technical Education Branch(CCET(Degree & Diploma wing), PEC, GPW, ITI, College of Arts, College of Architecture, CCI etc.)
(nod_hte )
Smt. Brahmi Devi, Supdt Tech Edu Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  Finance-I Branch(Urban Planning, EO, Housing Board, All Bye-laws under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulations) Act, Land Allotment, Land Acquisition, Perifery Control Act, Rehabilitation Policies, Gas Godowns, Rent Control Act, etc.)
(nod_fin1 )
Sh. Mohinder Singh(SAS), SO, SO Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  Finance-II Branch(Advices relating to all Departments of Chandigarh Administration, Creation or upgradation of posts, Embossing of documents, Screening Committee, Grievances of Pensioners, Freedom Fighters Pension, Small Savings, GPF policy etc.)
(nod_fin2 )
Ms. Shashi Kiran, Supdt. Fin. II Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  R&J Branch(Court of Chief Administrator, Commissioner, Revenue and Co-operation) office of Advisor to the Administrator
(nod_hrj )
Sh. Rakesh Manjhi, Supdt (R&J Record) Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  Cash and Store Branch
(nod_hso )
Sh. Rajan Sharma, SO Home Department sector 9 Chandigarh
  Home Department
(nod_home1 )
Sh. Rakesh Manjhi, Supdt RJ Home Department Chandigarh
(nod_hosp )
Mr. Daniel Banerjee, Assistant Director U.T Guest House Sector 6 Chandigarh
2740965    9815525656 
Indian Red Cross Society 
  Indian Red Cross Society
(nod_red )
Mr. Satish Joshi, O/o IRCS Indian Red Cross Society Karuna sadan bldg,2nd Floor sector 11 B,Chandigarh.
2744188    9815197016 
  Village khadi and Industries Board
(nod_khadi )
Sh. Gurbachan Singh, Auditor UT Khadi & Village Industries Board Chandigarh
(nod_ind )
Mrs. Sudha Bhatia, Supdt. District Industries Centre U.T. Chandigarh
2679006    9914141083 
Information Technology 
  Information Technology
(nod_spic )
Sh. Vineet Verma, Promotions & Information Officer 5th floor,Additional Deluxe Building Sector 9, Chandigarh
2740005    9463400064 
  Labour Department
(nod_lc )
Sh. swaran singh, Labour Inspector Grade-I Labour Department, Chandigarh Admn,Labour Welfare Centre Bldg, Sec -30B,Chandigarh, H.No. 213, Sector 8, Panchkula, Haryana.
2679000  2579988  9417143553 
Land Aquisition Branch 
  Land Acquisation Branch
(nod_lao )
Sh. I.S. Narang, Naib Tehsildar Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh
Law and Prosecution 
  Law Department
(nod_lr )
Law Officer, Law Officer Room.No.415,4th Floor, Deluxe Building.U.T, Secretariat,Sector -9, Chandigarh,H.No.1159,Sec-23-B,Chandigarh
Legal Services Authority 
  State Legal Services Authority
(nod_sla )
Rajeshwar Singh , Law Officer Addl. Delux Building, Ground Floor, Sector 9 Chandigarh
2742999    9417174320 
Municipal Corporation 
  Municipal Corporation
(nod_mcc )
Mr. Deepak Jain, OSD to Chief Engineer New Deluxe Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh
5021229    8437949017 
Museum & Art Gallery 
  Govt. Museum & Art Gallery
(nod_gm )
D.K. Gharvi, Govt. Museum and Art Gallery, Sector 10-C, Chandigarh.
2742501  2794638  9888902278 
(nod_pcid )
Sh. Anil Joshi, CPS, DSP-CID Senior Superintendent of Police, Police Headquarters, Sector 9, Chandigarh
  Police Department
Sh. Ashish Kapoor, Dy Superintendent of Police Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Economic Offence Wing
(nod_peow )
Sh. KamalDeep, CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO EOW Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Operations
(nod_pops )
Sh. Jagbir Singh, CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO OPS Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Lines
Sh. Suman Kumar, CPS, DSP-cum CPIO Lines & Training Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Central
(nod_pcent )
Sh. Deshraj Singh,IPS, ASP-Cum-CPIO Central Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP East
(nod_peast )
Sh. Jaswant Singh,CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO East Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP South
Sh. B.S. Negi,CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO South Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Security
(nod_psec )
Sh. Deepak Saharan, CPS, SDP-cum-CPIO Security Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Crime
Sh. Satbir Singh, CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO Crime Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Women and child support unit
(nod_pwcsu )
Sh. Baljit Singh Chadha, CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO W&CSU Police department sector 9 chandigarh
(nod_ppcr )
Sh. Roshan Lal,CPS, DSP-cum-CPIO Comm. & PCR Police department sector 9 chandigarh
  DSP Traffic
(nod_ptrf )
Sh. Vijay Kumar, PCS, DSP-cum-CPIO Traffic Police department sector 9 chandigarh
Printing & Stationery 
  Printing & Stationery
(nod_ps )
Controller, Controller Printing and Stationary Department Sector 18 Chandigarh
Public Relations & Cultural Affairs 
  Public Relation
(nod_dpr )
Sh. Ramesh Chand, Section Officer Ground Floor, Sector 9 Chandigarh
2741620  2560521  9501096862 
Punjab Raj Bhawan 
  Punjab Raj Bhawan
(nod_prb )
Supdt-I, Supdt-I Raj Bhawan Punjab, Chandigarh
2794190  2690118   
Regional Employment Office 
  Regional Employment Exchange
(nod_reo )
Sh. Nain Singh Rathi, Sub Regional Employment Officer Regional Employment Exchange, U.T, Chandigarh H.No. 2061, Sec-27C, Chandigarh
2703997  2659861  9416304465 
Rural Development 
  Rural Development
(nod_bdpo )
Sh. Ram Labhaya, O/o BDPO Old Architect Building, Sector 19-B, Chandigarh.
2775094  2610318  9876093463 
Science & Technology 
  Science & Technology
(nod_st )
Additional Director, Additional Director Addl. Town Hall Bldg., 2nd Floor, Sector 17C, Chandigarh
Social Welfare 
  Social Welfare
(nod_sw )
Raman Kumar Sharma, Research Officer Town Hall Extension Building,3rd Floor, Sector-17C, Chd, V&PO Behlolpur, Near Chandigarh
2700062  2700062  9872640412 
  Sports Department
K.S. Bharti, District sports officer Sports Complex Sector -42, Chandigarh
2676035  2676026  9915677766 
State Transport Authority 
  State Transport Authority
(nod_sta )
Sh. Rajiv Tiwari, Addl. Secretary State Transport Authority, U.T.Chandigarh.
2679002    9878197007 
Technical Education 
  Technical Education
(nod_teduc )
Smt. Dhan Devi, Sr. Asstt. PEC Campus, Sector 12, Chandigarh Kothi No. 175,Phase 7,Mohali.
2657100  2267172   
  Government Polytechnic for Woman Sec-10
(nod_gpw )
Mrs. Vin Dosajh, Principal Govt. Polytechnic for Women Sector 10 Chandigarh
  Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology
(nod_ccet )
Sh. R.S. Malik, Chd. College of Engg and Technology Chandigarh
  Industrial Training Institute
(nod_iti )
Sh. H S Kalra, Govt ITI Chandigarh
(nod_tour )
Vijay Kumar, Tourist Officer Additional Deluxe Building Ground Floor, Sector 9 Chandigarh
(nod_ctu )
Sh. OM Parkash, Supdt. Transport Chandigarh
Urban Planning 
  Urban Planning
(nod_ca )
Sh. Jagdish Singh, Executive Engg CP Dvision no. 4, 2nd floor additional deluxe bldg Sector 9 chandigarh
2742004  2624162  7508185430 
(nod_archt )
Sh. Rajiv Mehta, Architect-cum-CPIO Tech. Deptt. of Urban planning sector 9 Chandigarh
(nod_archa )
Smt. Kanta Sharma, Admn Officer, CPIO(Admn) Deptt. of Urban planning sector 9 Chandigarh
Weights and Measures 
  Weights and Measures
Kamal Sareen, Inspector 39, Industrial Area Phase-II Chandigarh
2679348    9417363758 
Zila Parishad 
  Zila Parishad
(nod_zp )
Sh. Surjit Singh, Zila Parishad Chandigarh
2700350    9855444282 
Zila Sainik Welfare Office 
  Zila Sainik Welfare Office
(nod_zsw )
ZSWO, ZSWO Sainik Rest House Sector 21, Chandigarh
2701947  2749849