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  • Correction & Complaint Module is Avialable for All DDOs & Treasury.
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Composite Financial Accounting System (CFAS) is an integrated ICT system being implemented for complete Chandigarh Administration. The system is being used by all Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO) of Chandigarh Administration. It monitors the complete workflow of the Government Financial System starting from Budget Allocation to Expenditure by DDO

Complete system for online transfer of funds to beneficiaries (employees, contractors, vendors, retired employees, etc.) has been successfully implemented across the Administration which is well integrated with SMS and eMail facility for the convenience of the beneficiaries.

The system has also been integrated with another system, Engineering Works & Budget Monitoring System implemented in Engineering Department. All payments to Contractors are made through CFAS after checking the budget allocations or Amount specified for any Work.

To unlock your CFAS account send SMS on New Number 8288029899
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