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Several security agencies i.e. Chandigarh Police along with ITBP for the Hon’ble High Court and Open Hand Monument, Punjab Assembly security agency the CISF for Punjab & Haryana Civil Secretariat provide security cover to the said highly sensitive places respectively. The following security protocol shall be followed by these agencies during the visits of the tourist in their jurisdiction:-
  1. The tourist will visit the Hon’ble High Court, Open Hand Monument, Punjab Assembly and the top floor of Punjab & Haryana Civil Secretariat.
  2. The tourist will visit in three Batches i.e at 10:00 A.M, 12:00 AM and 3:00 PM. The tourist will be sent for visit to the designated places in groups of not more than 30 persons.
  3. A single window pass system has been started in the Tourist Facilitation Center by the representatives of the Chandigarh tourism department
  4. Persons wishing to visit the said places can apply online as well as personally at Tourism Facilitation Center. The visitors shall be required to show their original ID proof when personally arriving at the tourism Facilitation center i.e. passport, aadhar card, driving license, voter ID or ration card.
  5.  The visitors after issuance of his pass will undergo through searching and frisking by the Chandigarh Police. No baggage will be allowed during the visit to the designated places and the same will be kept in lockers provided at Tourist Facilitation Center, after scanning by the X-ray baggage machine.
  6.  Only lady purse, mobile phone and camera will be allowed to be taken along for the said visit after searching and frisking and scanning by the x-ray baggage machine.
  7. Any inflammable material, alcohol ,smoking material, lighters, weapon, sharp edged weapon, etc will be not be permitted to be taken along during the said visit.
  8.  After searching & frisking, one tourism police person, one guide from the tourism department and one armed person from the Chandigarh Police security will accompany the visitors and will guide them to the Hon’ble High Court and open hand Monuments area. At the barrier between the open Hand Monument and the assembly, the Chandigarh Police security person will withdraw And only the tourism police person and the tourism department guide will accompany them to the Punjab assembly, where Punjab assembly security will take over. After the Punjab assembly’s visit, the Chandigarh Tourism Police and tourism department guide will accompany the visitors to the Punjab & Haryana Civil secretariat. The Punjab assembly security will withdraw at the boundary between Punjab Vidhan Sabha and the Punjab & Haryana Civil Secretariat, where CISF will take over the security. Then, CISF and the Tourism Police and the Chandigarh tourism guide will accompany them up to the top floor of the Punjab & Haryana Civil Secretariat.
  9.  On completion of the visit, the tourism police and the Chandigarh tourism guide will accompany the visitors to the Tourist facilitation center from the main road itself where all the passes shall be taken back by the Tourism facilitation center pass issuing officials.
  10. The Tourist police personnel are only for guidance of tourists and to keep the group together, so that no moves alone away from the group.
  11.  Inform the concerned Police Station one day advance regarding date,time and venue of shooting.
  12.  If there is any change in the schedule of shooting,you will inform the concerned police station as well as to this office immediately.
  13.  While shooting on the roads it must be ensured that there is no obstacle in traffic movement and inconvenience to the passersby and follow the Traffic Rules of the Administration.
  14.  You will ensure not to hamper the free flow of traffic during peak hours i.e 08.00 AM to 11.00 AM and 04.00 PM to 07.00 PM.
  15.  You will ensure not to allow to disturb the sentiments of general public before/during/after shooting.
  16.  You will insure not to shoot any vulgar scene/song etc.
  17.  You will insure not to shoot any anti social scene.
  18.  You will insure not shoot any anti national scene.
  19.  In case of playing loud music etc.during shooting, a permission from the concerned authority will taken by you before the shooting.
  20.  You will ensure quick access to shooting location of an officer of Bollywood Facililtation Cell to have on the spot inspection.
  21.  In case of any dispute,jurisdiction of local courts shall apply.
  22.  In case of use of any animal in the film shoot,you must abide by the guidelines of Animal Welfare Board and obtain prior permission.
  23.  No. violation of any rule be committed.

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